Leahy Family

Xavier Leahy
Age 14 and in grade 9. He plays accordion, fiddle and guitar and is ever inventing fun music while entertaining his sisters. He loves to run, play soccer and hockey. He's also the smoothie maker of the family. 
Mariah Leahy
Age 9 and fun loving with a whimsical sense of humour. Mariah loves to sing and dance and play sports. She is the best cookie maker of the family.
Savannah Leahy
At age 8 she has enormous energy and loves to laugh.  She loves to play fiddle, dance and sing as well as playing sports. 
She is also our little gymnast. 
Julayna Leahy
You can't help but love little Julayna who is 6. She is a great little dancer with fast feet and is developing her fiddle and piano. She loves to swim and colour. 
Francis Leahy
Full of life at age 5 and has a will of his own! He is learning to dance and play fiddle which he obliges to when there are treats involved. He loves to play with his train sets and his toy cars!
Frank Leahy
The backbone of the music and the drummer for the band Leahy. He loves to tease the kids and is always in good humour. 
Chanda Leahy
Loves to dance, teach and to hear music fill the house. Devotes a lot of time to cleaning up messes made by kids but loves creativity! 
Aliyah Leahy
She is 12 with a gentle personality but watch out for her on the soccer field or on the ice! Piano, singing and dancing are her passions. Her favourite TV series is Heartland.